I live in Shakespeare country and was born  in nearby Leicestershire.  So having moved around the country for many years, I have returned to the Heart of England.

In the interim I lived and worked in London, Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Cornwall and Devon (and briefly, Florence in Italy… but that’s another story).  But no matter where I lived, my passion has always been learning the history of my locality and writing about it.  I think I’m addicted to writing.  I’ve been doing it since I first put crayon to paper.

I’ve worked as a press officer, editor, proof reader/copy editor and researcher as well as a psychological therapist (for the National Health Service and MIND the mental health charity).

I love to travel and to meet new people.  I learned to fly in the 1970s when fuel was cheap and women pilots were a rarity.

So it’s been varied and enthralling.  I have wonderful children and a husband that lets me get on with it all.   I still have many ambitions and plans.  Finding time for it all is another matter…


2 responses to “About

  1. Interesting bio! Well done for starting to blog. Looking forward to reading you posts.

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