I live in Shakespeare country and was born  in nearby Leicestershire.  So having moved around the country for many years, I have returned to the Heart of England.

In the interim I lived and worked in London, Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Cornwall and Devon (and briefly, Florence in Italy… but that’s another story).  But no matter where I lived, my passion has always been learning the history of my locality and writing about it.  I think I’m addicted to writing.  I’ve been doing it since I first put crayon to paper.

I’ve worked as a press officer, editor, proof reader/copy editor and researcher as well as a psychological therapist (for the National Health Service and MIND the mental health charity).

I love to travel and to meet new people.  I learned to fly in the 1970s when fuel was cheap and women pilots were a rarity.

So it’s been varied and enthralling.  I have wonderful children and a husband that lets me get on with it all.   I still have many ambitions and plans.  Finding time for it all is another matter…




Do visit my website: http://www.jenniedobsonwriter.co.uk

3 responses to “About

  1. Interesting bio! Well done for starting to blog. Looking forward to reading you posts.


  2. Robert Gough

    Hiya Jennie, So like the title of your blog! Looks interesting.
    Been writing more myself too, it is extremely satisfying. How are you these days?


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