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A question of priorities

How to reconcile the fact that I run a writers’ group and don’t have time to do much writing myself?  Or is it procrastination?  In theory I have three days off a fortnight and on those days, at least one of them could be devoted to writing (which I do try and do).  However, it is always like pulling teeth, forcing myself to sit down in front oWriters blockf the computer and produce words that are meaningful and entertaining and contribute to the overall excellence of what I am trying to produce.  So, writing this on my day off, I realise I am taking time away from writing my novel and later on today I need to prepare for my writers’ group meeting tonight!  This is ridiculous… and to top it all, the sun is shining outside and summer has arrived after all these months.  On most days I am working, standing in my hot wool Tudor costume in temperatures reminiscent of Palm Springs or Cyprus.  Why am I inside struggling with fleshing out my characters?  Why can’t I let go of the writing bug?  For years I have fought the urge to write.  What could be nicer than to spend my free time reading other people’s work?  Except that it isn’t enough.  I enjoy the creation of people, putting character into my characters.

Like many other writers I struggle with the work but simply can’t give it up.  So what’s the solution?  I guess carry on doing what I’ve been trying to do… finish the novel.  Although, at this rate, I’ll be well into my dotage before I get to write the final words – ‘The End’.

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