Sunday morning and spring is on the verge…

Ah, Sunday morning.  I promised myself a day off today.  That said I have seeds to sow and research to do for my novel.  But the research is reading which is a pleasure anyway.  Today I have time to look out of my window over the Warwickshire countryside.  There are ewes in the field next to us, they are in lamb and it won’t be long before I hear the wonderful bleating of newborns demanding food  as I wake up.  I notice too that the morning chorus is beginning and for me that is the start of spring.  That and the cherry trees bursting with blossom, the daffodils putting their cautious heads over the earth’s parapet and the weeds starting to merge with the grass so the borders are disappearing under a carpet of green.  I love spring, a sudden awakening after the awful sleepwalking state that is winter.  Cold, dark and depressing winter where life contracts into a few hours of desperately dismal daylight.

Now in the days leading to the spring equinox, there is once again hope.  Hope for bright weather that will bring cheer to the mornings as we wake.  Hope for all the possibilities yet to come to fruition and hope that this year will be the year that everyone I love in my life gets their opportunity to blossom and shine.

There is no other season like spring – full of latent potential, bursting with the energy that has been reined in over winter.  The harbinger of wonders and delights.  I love spring.

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